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Packages and


We offer products that can help protect your family and keep them safe.

Optional Packages Include:

  • Air Filtration Packages

  • Air Ionizer

  • In-Duct UV Light

  • REME-HALO Air Purification System

  • Humidification Packages

  • Lightning Surge Protection on Units

  • Low-Level Carbon Monoxide Detectors

  • Water Alarms

  • Wi-Fi Thermostats



Breathe EZ
Whole House Air Filter Package


The Breathe EZ MERV 16 filter removes up to 99% of allergy triggers. Ever shined a flashlight in a dark house and observed the dust in the air? It may seem gross, but dust is a combination of dead skin cells, clothing fibers, paper fibers, and pet dander to name a few. Dust settles on surfaces and enters our nose, mouth, and lungs. Dust and pollen can cause allergic reactions. One study, from Dynamic Air Consulting, suggests we inhale two tablespoons of dust each day and our body's natural mucus filters attempt to remove it. But when our bodily systems are overwhelmed with allergens, we come down with sneezing, watery eyes, and for some asthma. If the air filter in your furnace isn't picking up the dust, then your body is the air filter. What can be done about it? We can eliminate the source of the dust, close the windows, put the pets outside, cover from head to toe. But the reality is we want to live with our families and pets indoors. Whole house air filtration system will filter all the air in your home 5 or more times per hour. Aprilaire air filters are the leader in air filtration with their patented fully sealed filters and cabinet that no one else can match. A standard air filter does not seal at the edges and dusty air can leak past. A Breath EZ filter package from Berg's cleans the air and leaves your furnace and ducts clean.

Can be paired with an air ionizer or REME-HALO for the most effective clean air solution.


Electronic Whole House Air Filter


Screenshot 2022-11-08 223602.jpg

The MC95 uses an electronic charge to attract and remove harmful, airborne particulates from your indoor air. This includes particles as small as 0.3 microns. Unlike the expensive pleated filters that restrict air flow and can cause equipment failure, the MC95 allows good airflow while removing fine particles. The MC95 employs a Carbon Graphite electrical grid and internal media pads to create an electro-magnetic field. As the air recirculates through your central heating and cooling system, the airborne contaminants, such as pollen, smoke, dust, dander, mold particles, even Virus and Bacteria, are unable to escape once they get trapped inside the charged media pads.



Fresh Rain
Whole House Air Treatment


The iWave-R reduces allergens, reduces odors, kills mold, bacteria, and viruses. The unit cleans itself and does not require maintenance. Ionizers have been used in hospitals and labs to reduce germs and viruses for years, now this technology is now available for residential homes. It produces non-ozone positive and negative ions just like a thunderstorm. The ions reduce molds, bacteria and viruses. Ions cause dust particles to attract together where they are caught in the air filter of the home.



Healthy Air 
In-Duct UV Air Treatment

UV .png

Reduce airborne and surface mold, bacteria, and viruses. The UV light mounts in the ductwork above the indoor air conditioner coil to inhibit mold growth and treats the surrounding air as it passes by the light. Mold likes to grow in damp dark places and can cause odors. a UV light keeps the indoor air conditioning coil clean by inhibiting bio growth and helps the cooling coil operate at peak efficiency.



Mountain Air Purification System
Whole House Air Treatment Combination


The air in our homes can be many times more polluted than the air outdoors. REME-HALO combines UV light with a PHI cell to kill viruses, bacteria, and mold, while reducing dust, odors, and VOCs. During a thunderstorm small amounts of hydrogen peroxide are produced the REME-HALO creates this same safe and naturally occurring low level hydrogen peroxide to sanitize the air in the whole home. The LED model has a 5-year bulb with an ionizer. An Ionizer produces non-ozone positive and negative ions to reduce germs and cause dust to stick together so it is collected in the air filter. The standard REME-HALO has a 2-year UV light.



Moist Air Package
Whole House Humidification

Honeywell humidifier.jpg

Tired of dry skin in the winter? A whole house humidifier helps to keep your skin more moist in the winter and reduce static shock when you touch a light switch. A humidifier makes the house feel more comfortable and warmer by adding humidity to the air. It also helps keep wood furniture, floors, and musical instruments from getting too dry.



Lightning Surge Protection

Surge Protector.png

Protect your AC and furnace with a surge protector package. Colorado has 500,000 cloud to ground lightning strikes each year. Lightning can cause a surge and burn out or damage circuit boards, motors, compressors, and motor starters. Surge protectors eliminate the power spike and protect the equipment.



Low-Level CO Detector
Safety Alert



Carbon Monoxide (CO) is a deadly gas formed by burning gas. A low-level CO detector can alert you to the presence of this dangerous gas. But I have a CO detector from the hardware store! Unfortunately, a standard carbon monoxide detector from the hardware store won't alert you to small cracks in the heat exchanger until your home reaches dangerous levels of 70 PPM for 4 hours as set by federal standards. Carbon monoxide detectors from the hardware store, like the one shown, are designed to alert you to a severe leak such as a broken exhaust vent and may not alert you to a small leak until you are feeling sick from the effects. Carbon monoxide can be harmful or deadly to children, expecting mothers, the elderly, and immune-compromised individuals. Carbon monoxide is accumulative and builds up in the body taking the place of oxygen. The symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning are flu-like symptoms including nausea, headaches, and exhaustion. To make things worse, Carbon monoxide is odorless. We have low level Carbon monoxide detectors that will alert at low levels of CO. For safety, please have your furnace checked annually and have at least one low level carbon monoxide detector installed in your home.



Flood Alert
Water Leak Alarm

Water leak washer.png
Water alarm Watchdog.png

Water leaks can and do occur, so what are you doing to protect yourself? The water alarm will alert you to water leaks at the furnace, humidifier, water heater, sinks, toilets, and the washing machine. The optional Water Watcher shuts down the washing machine in the event of a water leak. The optional floor or drain water sensors for the air conditioner and humidifier can shut down the equipment to stop a water leak and help prevent damage.



Wi-Fi Thermostat
Remote access, Smart thermostat


ECOBEE 2 small.png

Smart thermostats are eligible for a $50 rebate from CSU. The Ecobee lite and Ecobee PRO smart thermostats connect to your phone so you can check and set the temperature remotely. The Ecobee PRO model has a remote sensor option to average the temperature between the upstairs and the main floor to help even out the temperatures. The Ecobee thermostat has the ability to learn your comfort level and save energy using smart sensors not available on standard thermostats. The Pro model can optionally allow Alexa voice control from any Alexa device.

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