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Service (Tune-up)


Service (Tune-up)

Our company has one of the most meticulous and thorough inspections in the Colorado Springs area.

A tune-up helps keep your furnace and/or air conditioning system in good working order:

  • Safety checks

  • Prevent breakdowns

  • Increase energy efficiency while lowering utility bills

  • Maintain warranties

I Need Service For:

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Three Service Levels

We offer a Basic Service, Standard Service, and Service PLUS.

Basic Inspection Tune-Up

Basic Service is a safety check, 20-point furnace checklist tune-up, and light cleaning to maintain your heating system to give you peace of mind.  

A Standard Service is our most popular with a safety check, 31-point furnace checklist tune-up or 23-point AC checklist tune-up, and a thorough cleaning to keep your heating/cooling system in good working order to maintain performance and efficiency.

Standard Inspection Tune-Up

Service PLUS Inspection Tune-Up

Service PLUS is a premier service with a safety check, a 37-point furnace checklist tune-up or 30-point AC checklist tune-up, and deep cleaning that goes beyond an ordinary service to keep your heating/cooling system in top condition to maximize performance and efficiency.

Included With All Services:

We include a standard filter, perform safety checks for carbon monoxide and natural gas leaks, and inspect the whole home humidifier as part of our routine furnace service on all three tune-up levels. Click on the links above for a list of included service items. 

Do I need a Service or Repair?

A service tune-up is for an AC or furnace that is currently working, but needs a safety inspection, cleaning, and/or routine maintenance. A repair is for an AC or furnace that is not operating or has low output.

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